Before jumpstarting your next EU project you may let people know what you have achieved. You want to? Actually, you HAVE TO!

About us

Team up  with CLS Consulting and earn due recognition through efficient dissemination of your project achievements

CLS Consulting is a professional disseminator of scientific achievements within the field of life, medical sciences and technology.

It is our mission to plan and  manage the process of making the results and deliverables of your Horizon 2020 or of other EU projects available to the stakeholders and to the wider audience.

Our dissemination plan will help you to define Why, What, To whom, How and ,   When to disseminate.

As much your are an expert in your research field  so much we understand about dissemination. At the end of the day we do our job efficenlty therefore you can save ressources and money for the part you know most about: research, science or innovation.

We already succesfully have accomplished  dissemination tasks as Dissemination Work Package Leader in several FP7 consortia and regional collaboration projects .

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